Social Media & Search Engine Optimization

We will work with you to develop a strong, effective social media and search engine optimization
strategy that reaches your target audience.

Social Media & Search Engine Optimization

Digital marketing – SEO and Social Media Marketing – is one of the fastest growing arenas in marketing today, every day brings new innovations and solutions. Our team will work with you to create customized strategies and processes to maximize your online brand presence utilizing: content strategy, editorial calendars, social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns, email marketing, blogging, photography, video, animation, live-streaming and public relations.

Search Engine Optimization

In today’s business world, it all begins with a word or phrase entered into a search engine. Potential customers are searching for the right business to meet their needs, offer them solutions, and help grow their business. You want to do those things for your target market but first they have to find you. That’s where search engine optimization comes in.

Search engine results are driven by content. We will work with you to identify the best content strategy to reach your target audience. Keeping your message fresh, providing links to other pages within your website and to external sources that support your message (statistics, etc.), using video on your website and in your social media platforms as well as publishing regularly to those platforms are just a few ways to boost your visibility online.

CorpComm Group will ensure that your business is found online. Our experienced team is focused on driving the most traffic to your website thereby increasing your business, sales and ROI. By researching and utilizing the keywords and phrases we know to be high converting/the most searched for we position your website for success.

Social Media Strategy

Effective social media marketing starts not with choosing a social media platform but rather with a story. Your business’ story. Who you are, what you do, why it matters. It’s the interaction, the rich and fresh content that speaks directly to what your target audience needs that will enrich brand awareness and loyalty, drive traffic to your website, prompt phone calls and increase your business.

Social media is deeply interwoven with SEO (search engine optimization), boosting your SEO ranking in addition to building relationships with your customers. We utilize analytics tools not only to measure the effectiveness of your website but also to measure the traffic to your website from your social media platforms. You will know which social media platforms and which content is performing for you.

Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns

Also known as paid search marketing, pay-per-click ad campaigns take all the great things organic search engine optimization does for your business and kicks it up a notch. A well-timed pay-per-click campaign can be a great way to generate leads. Target your message only to those already searching for your products and service and only be charged when the ad is clicked. Boost your brand online and build product awareness and control the budget. CorpComm will provide you with detailed reporting enabling you to track the return on your investment.

Email Marketing

With targeted email marketing you can get your message into the hands of those who matter most. We will help you craft personalized messages that resonate with your specific audience, connecting you with your customers, building loyalty and trust, and promoting your business in a cost-effective way. With email marketing, you can easily measure and track your efforts and adjust your strategy accordingly. A strong email marketing campaign with CorpComm ensures responsive design, mobile-friendly layout, organized contact list management, and social media integration.

Paid Social Advertising

Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn offer more than up-to-the-minute information about your business. Digital advertising has become a large part of the social media presence for business to business marketing. For a small investment, your company can reach thousands of people per month, track and measure the results of your advertising via calls to action. Digital advertising is a very useful tool for your human resources department. Encourage a targeted audience to apply online for open positions by directing them to the careers section of your website or a third-party screening service such as Indeed. Set a budget, target a geographic location, choose your ideal demographics it has never been easier. CorpComm will help you design an effective, professional ad campaign with results you can measure.

Public Relations

In the world of online marketing the press release remains a valuable tool for business. In addition to publishing your latest news on your website and social media platforms, press release distribution to news feeds, local media and industry publications is a critical part of the business marketing plan. CorpComm Group works with national and internationally known Internet press release distribution services to help distribute your news. You’ll receive more exposure since ePress Releases are published on other websites which also serves to drive more traffic to your website, boosts your SEO, and builds brand/product awareness. Whether you want to target your release to a regional audience or to a specific industry, we have a solution for you.

“CorpComm has been a tremendous asset to our company. They have increased our visibility on the web and have been very diligent in keeping us relevant in the social world. Their communication and constant monitoring has been very beneficial.”

Chris Francis
Francis Manufacturing Company

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